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PVC Twin Screw Parallel Counter-Rotating Extruder


We make efforts in latest extrusion technology continuously. Twin screw extruder ( parallel counter-rotating ) is one of our best-selling machinery.

  • Low power high performance output 

  • Outstanding melt homogeneity

  • Maintenance-free, closed screw temperature control system

  • Wide processing range thanks to metering and stuffing device

  • Low wear thanks to low screw speed

  • Gentle plasticing thanks to longer screw and barrel


PC Base Machine Operation

M Series Plastic Machine Controller

  • Motor interlock function 

  • 12 Zone PID temperature control (optional 24 zones) oil cooling, or blower cooling control

  • PLC ladder logic program

  • Alarm record function

Screw and Barrel

  • Made of SACM645 material with heat and nitride treatment, high resistance to corrosion and attrition

  • Unique design of thread process improves the efficiency of plasticization

Extruder Gearbox

  • Compact design with high ratings of using high strength, cased-hardened steels

  • Excellent output performance by using helical gear unit, reducing the forces of screw back pressure and operation noise

  • Maximum operation reliability

  • Enforced oil lubrication system keeps machine running smoothly

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