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PVC Twin Screw Single Line Rigid Pipe Making Machine

  • Rigid PVC Pipe diameter from ø75to ø630mm with output from 150kg to 1000kg/hr

  • Twin screw extruder and haul-off machine have applied imported A/C inverter.

  • The haul-off machine includes two pads, three pads, four pads, six pads, eight pads, type, etc.

  • Upstroke saws or planetary saws can be applied, it is additionally applied with length measuring limited and thickness increasing device.

  • The Parallel twin screw extruder has newly developed for its technologies in UPVC pipe extruder by increasing in the drive torques and innovative solutions problems in plasticizing, screw thermoregulation by self-regulating sealed water cooling system, vacuum scavenging system and melt pressure control.


Automatic Belling Machine

Vacuum Spray Cooling Tank

Automatic Cutting Machine

Rigid PVC Pipe Die Head

Hual-off Machine

Vacuum Sizing Sleeve

PVC Extruder equipped high quality and longer twin screw, achieving outstanding melt homogeneity and highest output.

PVC Twin Screw Extruder with

Parallel Counter-Rotating PVC Twin Screw

Wider processing range of different formula.

Give you more possibilities to try out you best formula


PVC Pipe

Special R type belling for Japan clients. Making pipe shockproof when earthquaking

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