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Plastic Medical Tubing Extrusion Machine

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  • Single Screw Extruder

Techplas make efforts in latest extrusion technology continuously. Our single screw extruder ensures high performance output and stable extrusion, also provides outstanding melt homogeneity.

  • Water Cooling Tanks

Cooling tank is made of medical standard stainless steel SUS304 material.  With glass tank lids, providing good visibility of the product.

  • Belt Hual-off & Cutting

Driven and controlled by TECO Servo system, which achieves high speed and high accuracy cutting action.

  • Stacking

Product Application
Multi-lumen Tubing (with Striped Co-extrusion )

Techplas medical extrusion machine produces a wide variety of multi-lumen tubing, from 2 to 7 lumen.

Our customized extruder can make multi-lumen tubes to meet the requirements, including complex multi-lumen profiles, diameter, number and geometry of the lumen(s).

We also have ability to manufacture co-extrued tube,including multi-layer coextruded tubing and striped coextruded tubing.

Star Lumen Oxygen Tubing
Microbore Tubing / Capillary
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